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Thursday, January 13, 2005

among the things i've learned...

This may become a recurring topic...

Theres a fine line between compromise and accepting the unacceptable. Knowing the difference between making a deal and getting the shaft will keep you out of trouble. Assuming that the people you deal with also know the difference will keep you honest.

The older you get, the more Jimmy Buffett makes sense.

Women think its cute if you call them 'lambchop'.... 'Porkchop', however, does not elicit the same response.

Unless you're at a formal function that warrants wearing one, it's very difficult to trust a man in a bowtie.

People tend to remember things about you that you yourself deem insignificant.

Saturday, January 1, 2005

starting the year off right

It helps that it's a gorgeous day - 70 degrees, cloudless, the windows are open and I'm wearing shorts. I feel compelled to start off the new year with a good cleaning spree. Alie's working, so it's not unusual that I'm cleaning the apartment, but I'm giving everything a little extra attention, myself included. I'm not really a neat-freak... but after letting thing go to hell, I get a rush out of conquering the chaos.

A sense of accomplishment is a killer high.

Doing a bunch of laundry, and I put on the brand new bedding that Alie's mom bought us for Christmas... it's very spring-like. A bit too fruit-stripey for my boring taste, but it brightens the place up nicely. I even trimmed the goatee down and neated up the edges, followed by a nice close shave for the rest of my ugly mug... baby smooth, very nice. Punkin'll appreciate that. Not due for a haircut yet, but a neck trim is in order.

I still have to clean out the fireplace. I can smell the ashes.. ick. I think the cat may get a bath too, if she's not too stressed out after I vacuum.

There's something energizing about a good neat-freak episode.

Look out, 2005... I'm gonna whoop your ass.

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