You found me (not that I've been hiding) and, yes, I realize this page was built in Blogger, but I'm really not using it as a blog. Occasionally, I'll post a note in the space below, but not too often.

However, I do blog regularly and invite you to check it out. If you're looking for me, I'm probably logged in to Facebook right now. I also tweet a lot.

Twitter is where I make most of my noise...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

All systems go

OK, so...I'm doing this blog thing again, and I think I'll be more committed to it this time. After conversations with Kris Kovacs, it didn't take much for him to convince me that I needed it. After all, I'm an opinionated bastard who likes to write, I'm always connected and I'm already sharing most of my thoughts online anyway.  At the very least, I can more thoroughly flesh out some thoughts that are simply too long to tweet.

I'll officially launch it once I have a bit more content in place. I think it'll be easier to stay on it this time. I'm too plugged in now, and recently downloaded and tested the BlogPress app for my iPhone. That alone gets rid of all excuses.

Why blog? Clearly, I think I have something to say. I'll likely get political. I can't help it; I'm passionate about personal and fiscal responsibility and that drives a lot of what gets me fired up. In the end, I'll write about what's important to me.

I want to use it as an opportunity to share what I know... and more importantly, what I learn along the way. I hope you'll return from time to time to find out what that is.

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