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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Misguided outrage and missed opportunities

Does it matter that the President wants to address the students of the nation?

Don't spend too long thinking about it. The answer is no.

No, what matters is what he says. What matters is how your kids' teachers handle it. What matters most is what YOU do.

Will you, too, listen to the speech and point out to your children where you disagree with Obama, and why?

Will you engage your children in conversation to find out what goes on in their scholastic lives, what their teachers discussed? Will you point out what was only opinion and assure them that it perfectly OK to disagree?

Will you take the President and teachers to task and hold them accountable for presenting as fact what isn't?

Will you also build your own credibility by pointing out that, despite your disagreement on his positions, there are points where he was correct or where your opinions are aligned?

Will you teach your children to gather facts and not rely soley on the opinions of others or information that is spoon-fed to them by the authority figures in their lives?

Will you, regardless of your own political leanings, teach your children to think for themselves, even if it means they might form an opinion that differs from your own?

Will you teach them not to stifle the free thoughts of others?

If not, you're missing an incredible opportunity.

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