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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Why Should I Follow You?

Whenever someone follows me, or Twitter suggests that I follow them, I run through a quick series of questions to decide whether or not they're worthy of a spot in my stream:

Do I already know you? While Twitter provides an excellent channel to discover new people, there's something to be said about existing relationships.

Are you local? Along the lines of the first item, even though the internet makes the world smaller, it provides an incredible way to share what people are saying and doing right in your own backyard.

Are your tweets interesting or relevant? Your last 10 posts either sell you or they don't.

Do you interact with me?  The best way to get on my radar is to say something to me. Simple, huh?

Do the people I follow follow you? Well, do they?

Is your profile complete? Photo, bio, website. Without those, I question your commitment. Speaking of bios... if yours reads like a sales piece, I'm probably not going to read much further.

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